The Manila Times, Tag Media Group presented Global Excellence Awards

May 18 is definitely a gathering of leaders from different industries at The Manila Hotel for The Manila Times premier recognition night for the rising tigers and icon of this generation.

The Manila Times is a national daily newspaper in the Philippines that delivers trusted, quality content in print and digital editions. For this year, the first recognition under The Manila Times has been presented with the leaders with global platform, adapting the best practices and reaching the indigents for their Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Global Excellence Awards is the first prestigious international tribute to world-class companies, entrepreneurs, products and companies, as well as achievers in public service, entertainment, and other industries regardless of nationalities globally.

The awardees are the best in their fields and applying the best practice in their industries. The company must have a multiple branches or platforms nationwide or global. The leaders are worthy of emulation for their success and as nation builders.

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Categories include Men of the Year, Women of Substance and Company of the Year.

The Global Excellence Awards tribute is aimed at motivating entrepreneurs and companies to do more and to excel in their respective fields towards attaining world-excellence while highlighting the outstanding leaders and companies from different industries with worldwide presence.

The Manila Times Global Excellence Awards is in partnership with Tag Media Group headed by its co-founder and COO Grace Bondad Nicolas. She publishes also Rising Tigers Magazine, the most distributed magazine in National Bookstores nationwide.

The project is spearheaded also by the first woman president and COO of The Manila Times, Blanca Calilung Mercado, an award-winning woman leader, launched multiple new activities for the viewers online and readers.

According to Andria Terese Bondad Nicolas, the Vice President of Tag Media Group during her speech, “Today in our society, exclusion is very rampant, especially when there’s groups. Exclusion is present whether in economic, social, cultural and political arenas. Our company aims to create a stronger bond. The media is not just a powerful tool to deliver information to the world but it also has the power unite people. The media is not alone in creating this strong bond, we need leaders, to help move people along with us.”

The awardees are as follows:

Company of the Year: Remittance Services – Palawan Express

Company of the Year: Technology – Acer Philippines

Company of the Year: Retail and Campaigns – Watsons Philippines

Company of the Year: Franchising – Shawarma Shack

Women of Substance: Department of Public Works and Highways Undersecretary Maria Catalina Estamo Cabral

Woman of Substance: Pantheon Holdings CEO Faye Majesca Abrihan

Woman of Substance: Wilcon Depot, Inc. SEVP and COO Rosemarie Bosch Ong

Woman of Substance: Triumphus Estates, Inc. Founder and Chairman Marichelle “Mache” Torres Ackerman

Woman of Substance: AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals President Lotis Ramin

Woman of Substance: Hotel 101- Double Dragon Hotel 101- Double Dragon Gel Gomez

Woman of the Year: SM Investments Corporation Vice Chairman Teresita Sy-Coson

Man of the Year – Public Service: Commission on Elections Chairman George Erwin Garcia

Man of the Year – Philanthropy: Filipino Indian Commerce and Welfare Society Inc. (FICWSI) Founder & President Founder & President

Man of the Year – Transport: Angkas Chief Executive Officer George Royeca

Man of the Year – HR Solutions: Sprout Solutions CEO and Co-Founder Patrick Gentry

Ultimate Man of the Year – Philippine Airlines President and Chief Operations Officer Capt. Stanley Ng

The event is the first awards ceremony for different industry under The Manila Times in partnership with Tag Media Group and attended by the top management of both organizations Dante “Klink” Ang, Michael Ang, Blanca Calilung Mercado, Grace Bondad Nicolas, Andrew Troy Nicolas and Andria Terese Nicolas.


Meanwhile, the most celebrated birthdays were those of both enterprising businesswomen, civic leader Mache Torres and Suraj International, Shilpa Tolani who had a joint fun birthday party at the now popular Pardon my French Restautant.

Devoted husbands David Ackermann and Raj Tolani helped welcome their guests like Carol Mercado, Marivic Aquino, Connie Haw, Titser Nel Sarcol, Usec. Kim Lokim, Cory Quirino, Frieda Hizon.Gela Cornelissen, Cory Quirino, Georgette Wilson, Marivic Aquino, Cedric Lee, Lesly Geronimo, Rachel Harrison, Jennifer Angeles and Jennifer Cheng.

Dancing all night followed after the dinner.

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